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Coaching for writers or authors is a relative new term to the writing industry. What does it mean to have a coach? Many people automatically assume it is someone who assists you with your writing. Our coaching program prepares you for what lies ahead.

We focus on the business of it all. Think of us as your project manager for your book. Our coaching program helps you understand what it means to be a writer and build a successful business around it. Take a look at some of the things we cover in coaching:

  • What you need to get started

  • How to set-up your writing business

  • Tools and resources to manage your business

  • How to define the right audience

  • Income generators

  • What it means to have a system in place

  • Time management

  • Effective networking

  • Goal setting

  • Planning a successful book launch

It is a proven fact that most first-time authors earn less than $5k a year. Will that be you? Learn how to stand out in the crowd, not get lost in it. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to learn how coaching can help you as an author.


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What people are saying about our coaching program.......

Nichole Carter

Charlotte, NC

My Coaching Sessions with Debra changed my writing career in a manner I never saw coming.  Her passion poured out in each session so much so that I began working my marketing plan step by step as she was giving it to me. 


After completing my sessions, I knew what my goals were and what I needed to do to accomplish those goals.  The possibilities are endless!!!  In just the few weeks after my coaching sessions have ended, I have noticed a difference in my confidence as well as my sales. 


Thanks Debra for being Wonderfully YOU!!!!

Chiletta Marie

Charlotte, NC

I attended the "How to Inspire & Influence Your Market 6 Week Consulting Program". I signed up for this Charlotte Writing Academy program after attending a workshop Debra held at the library. I was already a member of the Charlotte Write to Publish Meetup, and was always impressed by Debra's knowledge, insight and level of preparation. I believe her desire is truly to see writers get out of their own way and succeed. I am one of those writers who has been laboring over a couple of projects for several years, but have yet to publish a book. It would seem my time with Debra was for naught, but this is not the case.


First, I had no idea how unprepared I was for when I do finally publish my book, and all the questions and potential hurdles I may face at that time. Debra's material and her one-on-one coaching made me think outside the box, and begin the process to clearly identify who it is that I'm writing to and for. Additionally, her ideas and suggestions for inexpensive ways to market myself and my materials were invaluable. In the end, even as I'm still writing, Debra's coaching program was instrumental in pushing me back to my own coaching aspirations/. I've since acquired both Career Coach and Life Coach Certifications. I have isolated my target audience, and now understand clearly how publishing my book will bring all of these things full circle.


I'm extremely grateful to the Charlotte Writing Academy for filling a much needed void in the writer's market. Thank you

Meredith Brown

Gastonia, NC

Debra, the Chief Creative Officer at The Charlotte Writing Academy, has a coaching system that illuminates a broad range of possibilities for her clients. “Don’t just sell books,” she emphatically insists, “make your book your business.” Sounds simple and is simple when you have Debra as your coach. She skillfully works you through the fundamentals that are the essence of a successful business.

Let’s face it, I, like countless others, wrote a book and thought I could sit back as it flies off the shelves in the hands of my adoring readers. Royalties would be pouring in and I could finally quit my corporate job and become a full-time writer. The stark reality is that this dream is a complete fairy tale unless you have a coach.

Debra Funderburk is the coach you need. She explains the business side of being a writer in a way that makes sense and is actionable. It takes work on the part of the author; she’ll be the first to tell you that writing the book is the easy part. But if you want to achieve your dreams with your book, then make it your business with Debra’s coaching program.

Roblynne McDuffie

Ft. Mill, SC

Working with Debra Funderburk under “How to Inspire and Influence Your Audience” coaching was a phenomenal and empowering experience. She was very thorough in how she presented each concept, and she made sure that I fully grasped each concept in regards to my own personal goals for my writing business. The coaching program exceeded my expectations, and Debra was very encouraging during each session. She always used real-life examples of instances in her own writing career—which really inspired me in my own journey. Now that I have completed the program, I feel that I am VERY prepared to make my book my business, as I now have a comprehensive blueprint for my business model.

                Thank you a million times over, Debra, for coaching me with such an amazing program! I definitely look forward to continuing to work with you as you assist me in fulfilling my dreams of becoming a successful author!

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