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Self-Study Coaching

How to Inspire & Influence Your Audience

Thanks for your interest in our self-study course. It is designed to walk you through everything you will need to have a successful writing career. Work at your own pace. We suggest you study a week at a time. There is a lot of information for you to consider, so take your time and work through each module to make sure you understand each concept, especially if you are new to business.

Here's what's covered in your course:

  • How to setup your writing business

  • How to identify your audience

  • Tools & Resources

  • Generating income beyond your book

  • Develop a system that works

  • The importance of Social media

  • Next steps

  • Will you spend the next year trying to figure it all out?

  • Will you search and search the internet looking for answers and still be unsure if you are doing what's right for your goals or dreams? We've taken the guess work of it for you. It all starts with a decision.

  • Will you decide today? The answers are on the other side of yes!

Yes! I am ready to get started.


You will be emailed a link to enter the private self-study page. Also, if you need payment options, email us and let us know.